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Mobile Home Closing Attorneys

Our office regularly represents Mobile Manufactured Home Park owners throughout Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Tolland, and Windham Counties.

When it comes to Connecticut mobile manufactured home law, experience counts. Mobile home parks are heavily regulated in Connecticut. Park owners must comply with special standards and rules, including the Mobile Manufactured Home Act. Park residents own their homes but lease the land from the park owners. As a result, park residents have many special protections under the law. The leases offered by park owners must contain specific provisions. Tenant evictions can only be limited to certain circumstances. And park owners must offer certain minimum services for residents.

We understand how to navigate the complicated regulatory system that governs Connecticut mobile manufactured home parks and their owners. Our office assists park owners with:

  • Regulatory compliance with the Department of Consumer Protection
  • Lease drafting, modification, and renewals
  • Evictions for nonpayment of rent, rules violations, and nuisance
  • Fair rent commissions and rental increases
  • Abandonment of mobile homes
  • Probate court proceedings
  • Mobile home sales and closings
  • Commercial closings for parks

Past Cases

Our office has represented Connecticut mobile home park owners in several appellate court cases that have created important legal precedents for them. These cases include:

  • Fairchild Heights Resident’s Ass’n v. Fairchild Heights Inc., 131 Conn.App. 567 (2011), affirmed in part and reversed in part, 310 Conn. 797 (2014)
  • Fairchild Heights, Inc. v. Dickal, 305 Conn. 488, (2012)
  • Green Acres Associates LLC v. Cais, 134 Conn.App. 905 (2012)
  • Longview Estates, LLC v. Woodin, 149 Conn.App. 562 (2014)
  • Kenosia Commons, Inc. v. DaCosta, 161 Conn.App. 668 (2015)
  • Colonial Investors, LLC v. Furbush, 175 Conn. App. 154 (2017), certification denied 327 Conn. 968 (2017)

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