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$1,050,000 Settlement

Car versus Bicycle Accident

A middle-aged gentleman was crossing the street on his bicycle, and he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. He sustained a traumatic brain injury and other permanent disabilities.

$925,000 Litigation Settlement

Car Accident

Our client lost vision in one eye and had other serious orthopedic injuries following a car crash. We filed a lawsuit against the other driver and settled with the insurance company.

$175,000 Pre-Suit Settlement

Car Accident

Our client hurt his back and shoulder in a rollover accident. We resolved against multiple insurance companies for the available policy limits.

$350,000 Settlement After Mediation

Trip and Fall in Store Parking Lot

Our client tripped in a pothole in a grocery store parking lot, causing her to break multiple bones and have multiple surgeries.

$212,500 Litigation Settlement

Trip and Fall on Town Sidewalk

An elderly woman tripped and fell over a defective sidewalk, sustaining serious injuries to her ankle that required a fusion. After bringing a lawsuit against the town, we overcame some challenging liability hurdles and negotiated a substantial settlement on her behalf.

$385,000 Settlement Following Mediation


Our client was a patient at a medical facility and was assaulted by an intruder.  We sued the facility for negligence due to failure to prevent the intruder from entering the client’s room. We were able to achieve a significant settlement following a mediation.

$100,000 Arbitration Award

Rear-End Collision

Our client injured his back after a rear-end collision on the highway. The insurer refused to settle and, after a trial with an arbitrator, we obtained an award for the entire insurance policy limit.

$247,900 Litigation Settlement

Underinsured Motorist Claim

Our client seriously hurt her back after an uninsured driver struck her car. We brought a lawsuit against her car insurer seeking money damages for her injuries. After litigation, we settled the claim for the policy limit.

$100,000 Settlement Following PJR

Car Accident

Our client was a passenger in a livery car and the driver caused an accident. He hurt his neck and back. After we filed a prejudgment remedy with the superior court, the insurance company settled the claim for the full insurance policy limit.

$150,000 Settlement Following Mediation

Workers’ Compensation for Back Injury

Our client had pre-existing back conditions and reinjured himself at work. The insurance company argued that his need for treatment was due to his pre-existing conditions. After mediating the case with an administrative law judge, we reached a successful resolution.

$210,000 Pre-Suit Settlement

Car Accident

Our client sustained a back injury that required surgery after a car took an improper left turn. We negotiated a pre-suit resolution after her successful recovery from surgery.

$85,000 Settlement After Courtside Mediation

Premises Liability

A child was injured when a metal cabinet stored by the landlord at her apartment complex fell on top her, resulting in a laceration and scarring to her face.

$635,231 Settlement

Workers’ Compensation for Back Injury

Our client sustained serious injuries to his back, which resulted in failed back syndrome and an inability to work.

$225,000 Settlement

Workers’ Compensation for Back Injury

Our client hurt his back at work, resulting in a fusion surgery and permanent work restrictions.

$137,500 Settlement Following Mediation

Workers’ Compensation for Shoulder & Leg Injury

Our client hurt his arm at work and then, following a surgery, had complications with his lower extremities. We mediated the case and entered into a full and final settlement approved by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

$375,000 Medition Settlement

Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice

Our client fell on ice and snow that was left untreated in the parking lot at her condominium complex. She had a signficant ankle fracture, and later developed chronic pain and arthritis. Liability was heavily contested by the insurance company. Through the use of weather data and deposition testimony from the condominium complex's property manager, our office put pressure on the insurer to resolve the case at mediation, resulting in a considerable award from our client.

$114,739.29 Verdict

Car Crash

Our client was injured when another driver blew through a stop sign and t-boned her. She seriously hurt her elbow and had surgery for lateral epicondylitis. The case was tried before a judge, and he ruled in the plaintiff's favor. He awarded her almost $40,000 in medical damages and $75,000 in pain and suffering.