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Mahon, Quinn & Mahon, P.C., handles general disputes between individuals and businesses at both the trial and appellate levels. This broad practice area, commonly known as civil and appellate litigation, encompasses contract disputes, property disputes between land owners, collections activities, and general tort cases. Our growing appellate practice is spearheaded by attorney Colin Mahon.

Skilled Trial Attorneys Fight for Your Legal Rights

Sometimes disputes between people and businesses cannot be resolved amicably and must be dealt with through the court system. Navigating Connecticut’s courts can be a confusing, emotional, tedious, and often expensive proposition. When faced with the prospect of litigation, you will want to turn to skilled advocates who will be in your corner no matter what happens. Our attorneys, who have collectively practiced law in Connecticut for over sixty-five years, are familiar with all facets of the Connecticut judicial system, including pre-lawsuit, trial, and post-judgment.

Experienced in Appellate Litigation

Over the past several years, we have also developed a strong appellate practice. Sometimes trial court decisions don’t work out in your favor. When that happens, you may be able to turn to our state appellate courts for relief. In Connecticut, the Appellate Court is the intermediary high court and the Supreme Court is highest court. Appellate litigation is a highly complex area of the law that requires lawyers who possess strong written and oral advocacy skills and a thorough understanding of complicated legal and procedural issues.

Our representative appellate court cases include:

  • Rivera v. Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center, 262 Conn. 730 (2003)
  • Fairchild Heights Resident’s Ass’n v. Fairchild Heights Inc., 131 Conn.App. 567 (2011), affirmed in part and reversed in part, 310 Conn. 797 (2014)
  • Sunset Gold Realty, Inc. v. Premier Building and Development, Inc., 133 Conn.App. 445 (2012), certification denied 304 Conn. 912 (2012) (on the brief)
  • Fairchild Heights, Inc. v. Dickal, 305 Conn. 488, (2012) (on the brief)
  • Green Acres Associates LLC v. Cais, 134 Conn.App. 905 (2012) (on the brief) (per curium decision)
  • Longview Estates, LLC v. Woodin, 149 Conn.App. 562 (2014) (on the brief)
  • Kenosia Commons, Inc. v. DaCosta, 161 Conn.App. 668 (2015)
  • Colonial Investors, LLC v. Furbush, 175 Conn. App. 154 (2017), certification denied 327 Conn. 968 (2017)
  • Abouchacra v. Laundry Sud’s Inc., AC 33942 (appeal dismissed prior to argument after successful petition to the trial court to lift the automatic stay of execution of judgment)

Conveniently Located in Central Connecticut

Whether you are seeking representation for a dispute at the trial level or for an appeal at the appellate level, our team of skilled attorneys can help advise and represent you. Our convenient location in Meriden enables us to easily travel throughout Connecticut, including to courts in Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, Fairfield, and Litchfield Counties.

If you need help with a civil lawsuit or appeal, we urge you to contact our office today for a free and confidential consultation.

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Colin wasn’t like any other lawyers I’ve had, he was hands-on... every email or phone call etc. I sent to him, he replied back immediately or within the day. As much of a pain as I was, Colin showed how professional and educated he is. He never left me wondering what could happen and he never let me get my hopes up... he was honest and told it how it was. He put myself and my family first. I couldn’t thank him more for having his best interest for my family. Thanks again Colin! (posted on AVVO on 9/28/16)

Eric N., Meriden, CT


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