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Landlord Eviction Attorney CT

Are you a landlord looking to legally evict a tenant from a rental property? The experienced eviction lawyers for landlords at Mahon, Quinn & Mahon can help.

If you are a landlord experiencing a housing issue that could result in eviction, you may be facing an uphill battle should you decide to pursue eviction on your own. Choosing the right landlord attorney can greatly help your cause. Our lawyers for landlords understand legal issues surrounding eviction in CT can be complicated. That is why it’s important to do everything “by the book” to ensure your eviction is successful and not derailed by any small legal or technical mistakes. That is why starting the process with an experienced landlord lawyer is your best bet to get the results you want.

Our eviction attorneys advocate for landlords in dispute with tenants by listening to your concerns, advising you on your options, and fighting for your legal rights to get you the outcome you want.

Our eviction attorneys represent both commercial and residential landlords who need help enforcing or protecting their rights under Connecticut’s landlord-tenant laws or CT rental laws. Our landlord attorneys will put you at ease and fight on your behalf. If you are looking for a tenant eviction lawyer in CT, call us today or fill out our contact form.

A Thorough Understanding of Connecticut’s Eviction Laws

As one of the best landlord eviction attorney firms in Connecticut, we are familiar with the often complex legal statutes that protect landlord rights in CT. When problems arise, our landlord attorneys can navigate these laws to help landlords complete eviction proceedings legally, with as little stress, time, and expense as possible.

Our eviction lawyers for landlords are here to help. If you would like assistance with eviting a tenant, contact Mahon, Quinn & Mahon, P.C. today to get in contact with an experienced landlord eviction attorney. We provide free and confidential consultations.

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Colin wasn’t like any other lawyers I’ve had, he was hands-on... every email or phone call etc. I sent to him, he replied back immediately or within the day. As much of a pain as I was, Colin showed how professional and educated he is. He never left me wondering what could happen and he never let me get my hopes up... he was honest and told it how it was. He put myself and my family first. I couldn’t thank him more for having his best interest for my family. Thanks again Colin! (posted on AVVO on 9/28/16)

Eric N., Meriden, CT


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