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What to Expect During Your Lawsuit

In Connecticut, in most cases, an injured party has two years from the date of an accident to bring suit. Clients often ask, what happens to my case from the time I come into the office until suit is brought? The following is a brief review of what goes on in your case after Mahon, Quinn & Mahon are retained.

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Posted 3/2/2022

Security Deposit Laws in CT

Residential and commercial landlords in Connecticut are allowed to collect security deposits from tenants. A security deposit is a payment that a tenant makes before the lease term begins that is used to provide financial security to a landlord if the tenant breaches the lease or damages the property. When it is used properly, a security deposit can be a vital tool to ensure that landlords are made whole at the end of a lease term if a tenant defaults or causes damage.

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Posted 2/2/2022