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What to Expect During Your Lawsuit

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In Connecticut, in most cases, an injured party has two years from the date of an accident to bring suit. Clients often ask, what happens to my case from the time I come into the office until suit is brought? The following is a brief review of what goes on in your case after Mahon, Quinn & Mahon are retained.

  1. The firm reviews and analyzes the police report, the medical reports, all statements made by you or others, any photographs and any other pertinent information in order to determine fault and decide whether or not any further investigations should be concluded.
  2. A letter is sent to the person or persons responsible for causing your injuries or damages, advising of our representation.
  3. Letters are sent to your medical providers, your employer, and all insurance companies involved. If medical coverage is provided through your auto insurance, we will assist you in getting your bills paid.
  4. After additional medical reports are reviewed and bills gathered, a package is sent to the responsible party’s insurance company.
  5. Your case cannot be settled until you have completed treatment and your doctor has released you (you should not rush into a quick settlement).
  6. When your doctor has released you and we have all the information, we can initiate settlement negotiations with the responsible party’s insurance company.
  7. Before any settlement is reached, you will be consulted and together we will settle your case.
  8. If the insurance company refuses to settle, suit will be brought.
  9. Suit is commenced by having a sheriff serve a complaint against the responsible party.
  10. Once suit is commenced, we will contact you in order to gather additional information and have you answer a set of questions (interrogatories) asked by the defendant.
  11. You may be asked to provide the other side with a deposition (this is sworn testimony given before a court reporter).
  12. It often takes between two to five years from the time suit is brought until you are called for trial.
  13. Even after suit is brought, negotiations with the insurance company still go on and cases are often settled before trial.

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