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How to Deal With a Motor Vehicle Accident

Learn how to deal with car accidents before they happen

  • Do not talk to any insurance adjusters from the other party's insurance company.
  • Do not discuss the facts of the accident with anyone unless you clear it with your lawyer first.
  • Do not sign anything without your lawyer's permission.
  • Keep a diary of your trips to all doctors, hospitals, therapists, and notes of your pain with times and dates.
  • Keep all of your medicine bottles and containers (as possible evidence at trial).
  • When you return to your doctor for follow-up exams, be sure to advise him or her of the nature of all of your continuing problems resulting from the accident.
  • Advise your lawyer of any change of doctor or new treatments.
  • Keep a record of all out-of-pocket expenses, including travel expenses, for medical treatment.
  • Report to your lawyer's office any suspicious actions, such as someone taking pictures, videos, etc.
  • Keep any neck or back braces (as possible evidence at trial).

Provide your lawyer with the following (if available)

  • A copy of the police accident report.
  • Any medical and hospital records.
  • All hospital, medical and related bills, either paid or unpaid (physicians, surgeons, ambulance, hospitals, private nursing care, therapy, domestic help, car rental, clothing, etc.)
  • Your automobile and health insurance policies.
  • Photographs (of scene of accident, of your injuries, of your car).
  • Copies of any statements previously made to anyone (opposing side, your insurance carrier, etc.)
  • Repair estimates and bills on any damaged property.
  • Correspondence with insurance company, insurance adjusters.
  • Copies of check stubs and/or other records showing your hourly rate of pay.
Mahon, Quinn, & Mahon, P.C. are experts at handling cases pertaining to motor vehicle accidents. Contact us today to handle your personal injury case.
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