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Landlord Tenant Attorneys CT


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Professional & Educated Lawyers:

“Colin wasn't like any other lawyer I've had, he was hands on... every email or phone call I sent to him, he replied back immediately or within the day. As much of a pain as I was, Colin showed how professional and educated he is. He put myself and my family first.”

— Eric N., Meriden, CT

Landlord rights in CT, tenants rights in CT and general responsibilities are governed by statutes.  The statutes dictate how landlords and tenants can exercise and enforce their rights in CT under most housing arrangements and lease agreements. The attorneys at Mahon, Quinn & Mahon, P.C. regularly represent commercial and residential landlords and tenants who are attempting to enforce or protect their rights under Connecticut’s landlord-tenant laws or CT rental laws. If you are looking for experienced landlord or tenant rights lawyers you have come to the right.

A Thorough Understanding of Connecticut’s Complex Landlord-Tenant Laws

Our responsibility as a leading landlord tenant attorney in CT is to understand and discern the patchwork of complex and often convoluted statutes that protect landlord rights and tenant rights in CT and provide a way for landlords and tenants to obtain legal relief through the courts when problems arise. Our lawyers that represent tenants can navigate these laws and are capable of effectively representing clients in all types of disputes.  We also have the knowledge to help these parties avoid potential disputes. We have the collective skills and know-how to draft or review commercial and residential lease agreements and to advise landlords on proper security deposit procedures. Mahon, Quinn & Mahon are an established and reputable source for all information regarding landlord tenant law CT.

Experience Representing Mobile Manufactured Home Park Owners

During the past several years, attorney Colin Mahon has worked closely with Meriden attorney Thomas Lonardo representing mobile manufactured home park owners in disputes with tenants. In Connecticut, mobile manufactured parks are heavily regulated by the State Department of Consumer Protection. In addition to the many regular landlord-tenant laws, rules, and procedures, other special rules and regulations apply to mobile manufactured home cases. Attorney Mahon’s work on these cases has helped him become familiar with this niche area of the law. He has been involved in all facets of mobile home cases, including evictions, rental collection lawsuits, sales, and abandonment proceedings. He has also assisted attorney Lonardo in several important appellate cases involving mobile manufactured home parks that have contributed substantively to the common law in Connecticut.

Statewide Landlord-Tenant Representation

Landlord-tenant law disputes are heard in Connecticut trial courts.  Some of the larger judicial districts in the State have housing courts devoted exclusively to hearing residential and commercial landlord-tenant disputes.  These disputes typically involve evictions, collection of unpaid rent, complaints about landlords’ failure to provide essential services, and nuisance claims.  Our team of skilled and competent landlord tenant lawyers regularly appears in these courts and has experience representing landlords and tenants alike in these disputes.

If you would like assistance with a landlord-tenant dispute, or a matter involving mobile manufactured homes, please contact Mahon, Quinn & Mahon, P.C. today for a free and confidential consultation.

To learn more about tenant-landlord rights in CT and some of the common issues facing landlords and tenants in Connecticut, please click here.

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